❝ Anonymous: Do you have any UCSC survival tips for incoming freshmen? :)

#1. NEVER. EVER. EVER. BUY ANY TEXTBOOK FROM THE BAYTREE SHIT STORE. EVER. if possible, look up required textbooks early and order them online. if you’re a lazy forgetful asshole like me, make friends and borrow the textbook from them until yours arrive. join the official ucsc group and the sub “for sale” page on facebook.
#2. on the first day of your classes, make sure you know where they are and leave early in case of confusion. j bask and e bask are two very different places.
#3. don’t eat the seitan.
#4. towel under your door, lights off if your window’s open, campus safety officers leave after 3 am. do what you will with that information.
#5. unless you’re going from porter to stevenson (which are opposite sides of campus) or there’s a bus right at the bus stop, you’re better off walking to class :]
#6. do the naked run. do it.
#7. look up professors on ratemyprofessor.com, especially for GE classes not needed for your major. there are plenty of classes with awesome professors, why be stuck with one you’d be miserable in?
#8. crown/merril dining hall has the best food. but you decide if it’s worth the hike. 
#9. metro buses: 10 is the fastest downtown, but there are peeps living off campus who actually need to get home so if it’s crowded, don’t be an asshole and take the 15 & 16 instead, thems the homies. 19 for the boardwalk, 20 for natural bridges, but both end up downtown as well.
#10. porter ride or die ;] just kidding. but really. porter’s where it’s at.

these are all i can think of off the top of my head so far but i’m sure there are many more. 
imagei feel like a guru.

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